Land Recreation Sign Symbols or Map Symbols

Today’s free vector download is a nice set of recreation symbols or, more specifically “land based” recreation symbols. This symbols or pictograms are often used on signs and directional signage as well as printed material such as maps and guide brochures.

There are a couple of very nice little rock climbing symbols as well as other sports symbols such as baseball, archery, hang gliding, in-line skating, skateboarding and tennis symbols.

As usual the download link is below the image. Hope you find them useful!

Land Recreation Sign Symbols Map Symbols

Download: Land Recreation Sign Symbols or Map Symbols
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


Download Details:

1. Achery symbol
2. All terrain trail symbol
3. Baseball symbol
4. Rock climbing symbol
5. Driving tour symbol
6. Exercise symbol or fitness symbol
7. Hang gliding symbol
8. In-line skating symbol or rollerblading symbol
9. Playground symbol
10. Rock collecting or archaeology symbol
11. Skateboarding symbol
12. Spelunking symbol or caving symbol
13. Technical rock climb symbol
14. Tennis symbol
15. Wildlife viewing symbol or binoculars symbol

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Free Currency Sign Download – Top 20 Economies

Today’s vector download includes the currency symbols, or currency signs, of the world’s top 20 economies. Whether you’re looking for a vector file of the new Indian Rupee symbol, the Euro sign, the US dollar sign or the old British Pound symbol you’ll get what you’re after by clicking on the download link beneath the following image.

This currency symbol list has been put together using GDP data for 2010 as compiled by the International Monetary Foundation and below the download link you’ll find the GDP figures listed for all the countries represented. Please note that many of the European currencies included are actually no longer in circulation as they have been replaced by the Euro. For convenience’s sake I’ve marked these with an asterix:

currency sign symbols - top 20 economies

Download: Currency Symbols for the Worlds Top 20 Economies
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


Economy Currency Sign GDP
1 European Union Euro Symbol 16107000
2 United States Dollar Sign 14624000
3 People’s Republic of China Yuan Symbol 5745000
4 Japan Yen Symbol 5391000
5 Germany Deutsche Mark Sign 3306000
6 France Franc Symbol 2555000
7 United Kingdom Pound Symbol 2259000
8 Italy Lira Symbol 2037000
9 Brazil Real Symbol 2024000
10 Canada Dollar Symbol 1564000
11 Russia Ruble / Rouble Symbol 1477000
12 India Rupee Symbol 1430000
13 Spain Peseta Symbol 1375000
14 Australia Dollar Symbol 1220000
15 Mexico Peso Symbol 1004000
16 South Korea Won Symbol 986000
17 Netherlands Guilder Symbol 770000
18 Turkey Lira Symbol 729000
19 Indonesia Rupiah Symbol 695000
20 Switzerland Swiss Franc Symbol 522000
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American Sign Language Alphabet… Free Vectors

Today’s download are the hand signs that are used to spell out individual letters of the ASL (American Sign Language) alphabet or manual alphabet, as it is also known. Signing of these letters is used by Deaf Americans as well as deaf and speech or hearing impaired individuals in Canada and Mexico.

Each of the signs represents a single letter of the alphabet and they are used to finger spell proper names of people and places, as well as other words which do not have an agreed ASL sign. There are a whole lot of subtleties involved in correctly fingerspelling words or acronyms that I won’t go into here, but if you do need to know more what better place to go than good ol’ wikipedia.

As always the download link for these ASL sign language vectors is below the image. Enjoy!

ASL sign language alphabet vectorsDownload: American Sign Language Alphabet Vectors
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


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Universal Plastic Recycling Symbols

I’m sure you’ve seen the following symbols many times before on products and packaging, but have you ever wondered what they mean? They’re Universal Plastic Recycling Symbols. Each number represents a type of plastic and is used to sort plastics appropriately for recycling (I’ve noted below the download link which plastic is indicated by each of the numbers)

You can download these symbols as vector files by clicking on the link below the image. Enjoy!

universal recycling sign symbols vectors

Download: Universal Plastic Recycling Symbols
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


More Information:

1.    Symbol designating Polyethylene Terephthalate plastics (Type 1)
2.    Symbol designating High Density Polyethylene plastics (Type 2)
3.    Symbol designating Vinyl, Polyvinyl Chloride plastics (Type 3)
4.    Symbol designating Low Density Polyethylene plastics (Type 4)
5.    Symbol designating Polypropylene plastics (Type 5)
6.    Symbol designating Polystyrene plastics (Type 6)
7.    Symbol designating “Other” plastics (Type 7)
8.    Recycling Symbol for Generic Materials (often used with annotations or labels indicating specific material)

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Recycling Symbol Vectors for Download

Below you’ll find 12 recycling arrow vectors that you available for download… for free! They’re all variations on the universal recycling symbol or recycling logo that is used indicate recyclable materials and with twelve of these recyling signs to choose from there’s sure to be one that suits your needs. The download link is below the following image… Enjoy!

recycling arrow sign symbolsDownload: 12 Recycling Symbol Vectors
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


If these recycle symbol arrows aren’t exactly what you’re after, we have a range of other vector arrows, hand drawn & graffiti arrows & gold & silver arrows on the site, so be sure to check them out. Cheerio.

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Disability Access Sign Symbols for Download

Today’s free vector download is of 12 disability access symbols that have been designed for use by both public and private entities to advertise available facilities to patrons both disabled or able  bodied.

You’ll find the meaning of these downloadable disability symbols, designed by the Graphics Artist Guild Foundation, along with a link to download the full set of vector files beneath the following image. Enjoy!

Disability Access Sign Symbol VectorsDownload: Disability Access Sign Symbols
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


Disability Access Sign Symbol Meanings:

1. Universal Information Symbol
2. International Symbol of Accessibility
3. Symbol indicating Audio Description for Theatre & Live Performances
4. Audio Description for TV, Films & Video
5. Large Print / Accessible Print Symbol
6. Symbol indicating Access for Individuals Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision
7. Braille Symbol
8. Telephone Typewriter Symbol
9. Sign Language Interpretation Symbol
10. Assistive Listening Systems Symbol (Ear)
11. Assistive Listening System Symbol (Telephone)
12. Closed Captioning Symbol

* For more detailed information on the appropriate uses for these sign symbols, please visit the Disability Access Symbols page of the Graphic Artists Guild.

Additional Information:

Many organizations, both public and private, have been working to become more accessible to the estimated 600 million people with disabilities worldwide.

Organizations that receive US government funding have been required to provide accessible programs and services under Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. A more recent law, the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), extends accessibility provisions to the private sector in an effort to guarantee persons with disabilities employment and the right to enter the economic, social and cultural mainstreams. The ADA goes well beyond federally funded organizations to encompass private sector entities that serve the public including cultural organizations that do not receive federal support, retail businesses, movie theaters and restaurants.

These symbols are intended to help you advertise your access services to customers, audiences, staff and other targeted publics. Advertisements, newsletters, conference and program brochures, membership forms, building signage, floor plans and maps are examples of material that might display these symbols. You are encouraged to place these symbols next to the relevant information in all publications and media.

Any language accompanying the symbols should focus on the accommodation or service, not on who uses it. For example, ‘Ramped Entrance’ may accompany the wheelchair symbol. This is important because not only do individuals with wheelchairs use ramps, but so do people with baby carriages, luggage, etc. Language that fosters dignity is important too. For example, ‘Reserved Parking’ or ‘Accessible Parking’ may be used with the wheelchair symbol to indicate parking spaces designated for people with disabilities.

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Sign Language Alphabet… Free Vector Download

Today’s download is a set of vector files of the AUSLAN sign language alphabet. These hand gestures are used by deaf and speech impaired people in Australia when signing to spell out the letters of the English alphabet. Each hand sign vector represents one letter of the alphabet and the sign symbols are labeled with the letter that they represent.

You can find the link to the vector file download below the image. Enjoy!

Note: This Australian sign language alphabet is actually very different to and should not be confused with ASL or the American Sign Language alphabet.

hand sign language symbol vectors AUSLAN

Download: Sign Language Alphabet – Auslan
File Type: AI (Illustrator)

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