Free Recreation Sign Symbols… Download ’em!

There is probably very few people out there who have ever had the need for a sea plane symbol or a rattle snake symbol, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate this beautiful set of sign symbols or pictograms.

They are National Recreational Symbols, originally designed for use in The United States National Parks Service by the Society for Environmental Graphic Design and are part of a much larger set of recreation symbols or icons.

These particular sub-set of 28 symbols are known as “General Symbols Positive” (which is probably the vaguest description of just about anything that I’ve ever heard) and visually describe a wide range of facilities from a smoking symbol or car symbol to a snack bar or fire extinguisher symbol.

The download link for this little piece of pictographic poetry is below the image. If you’re unsure as to their meanings, there is also a description of each symbol further down the page. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Recreation Symbols - General Symbols Positive

Download: General Symbols Positive
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


More Information:

1. Smoking sign symbol
2. Automobile / car sign symbol
3. Lorry / Truck sign symbol
4. Tunnel sign symbol
5. Lookout tower / Fire tower sign symbol
6. Lighthouse sign symbol
7. Falling rocks sign symbol
8. Damn sign symbol
9. Deer viewing sign symbol
10. Bear viewing sign symbol
11. Pedestrian crossing / crosswalk sign symbol
12. Dogs / pets on leash sign symbol
13. Bus stop sign symbol
14. Viewing area sign symbol
15. Fireplace / Campfires sign symbol
16. Point of interest sign symbol
17. Fire extinguisher sign symbol
18. Rattlesnake sign symbol
19. Cans & bottles sign symbol
20. Food / Snack bar sign symbol
21. Stereo / Radio sign symbol
22. Strollers sign symbol
23. Recycling sign symbol
24. Sea plane sign symbol
25. Wood gathering sign symbol
26. Boardwalk sign symbol
27. Stay on trail sign symbol
28. Walk your bicycle sign symbol

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