Land Recreation Sign Symbols or Map Symbols

Today’s free vector download is a nice set of recreation symbols or, more specifically “land based” recreation symbols. This symbols or pictograms are often used on signs and directional signage as well as printed material such as maps and guide brochures.

There are a couple of very nice little rock climbing symbols as well as other sports symbols such as baseball, archery, hang gliding, in-line skating, skateboarding and tennis symbols.

As usual the download link is below the image. Hope you find them useful!

Land Recreation Sign Symbols Map Symbols

Download: Land Recreation Sign Symbols or Map Symbols
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


Download Details:

1. Achery symbol
2. All terrain trail symbol
3. Baseball symbol
4. Rock climbing symbol
5. Driving tour symbol
6. Exercise symbol or fitness symbol
7. Hang gliding symbol
8. In-line skating symbol or rollerblading symbol
9. Playground symbol
10. Rock collecting or archaeology symbol
11. Skateboarding symbol
12. Spelunking symbol or caving symbol
13. Technical rock climb symbol
14. Tennis symbol
15. Wildlife viewing symbol or binoculars symbol

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