Free Currency Sign Download – Top 20 Economies

Today’s vector download includes the currency symbols, or currency signs, of the world’s top 20 economies. Whether you’re looking for a vector file of the new Indian Rupee symbol, the Euro sign, the US dollar sign or the old British Pound symbol you’ll get what you’re after by clicking on the download link beneath the following image.

This currency symbol list has been put together using GDP data for 2010 as compiled by the International Monetary Foundation and below the download link you’ll find the GDP figures listed for all the countries represented. Please note that many of the European currencies included are actually no longer in circulation as they have been replaced by the Euro. For convenience’s sake I’ve marked these with an asterix:

currency sign symbols - top 20 economies

Download: Currency Symbols for the Worlds Top 20 Economies
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


Economy Currency Sign GDP
1 European Union Euro Symbol 16107000
2 United States Dollar Sign 14624000
3 People’s Republic of China Yuan Symbol 5745000
4 Japan Yen Symbol 5391000
5 Germany Deutsche Mark Sign 3306000
6 France Franc Symbol 2555000
7 United Kingdom Pound Symbol 2259000
8 Italy Lira Symbol 2037000
9 Brazil Real Symbol 2024000
10 Canada Dollar Symbol 1564000
11 Russia Ruble / Rouble Symbol 1477000
12 India Rupee Symbol 1430000
13 Spain Peseta Symbol 1375000
14 Australia Dollar Symbol 1220000
15 Mexico Peso Symbol 1004000
16 South Korea Won Symbol 986000
17 Netherlands Guilder Symbol 770000
18 Turkey Lira Symbol 729000
19 Indonesia Rupiah Symbol 695000
20 Switzerland Swiss Franc Symbol 522000
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5 Responses to Free Currency Sign Download – Top 20 Economies

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  2. Naembro says:

    how i want to change euro to RM

  3. ehrior says:

    Thanks for including “Peseta”, but some currencies are not used. Maybe you should also add Hong Kong dollar and others currencies that are available now.

  4. Lelala says:

    Thanks four work and thanks for offering this image!
    What about adding some other currencies?

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