American Sign Language Alphabet… Free Vectors

Today’s download are the hand signs that are used to spell out individual letters of the ASL (American Sign Language) alphabet or manual alphabet, as it is also known. Signing of these letters is used by Deaf Americans as well as deaf and speech or hearing impaired individuals in Canada and Mexico.

Each of the signs represents a single letter of the alphabet and they are used to finger spell proper names of people and places, as well as other words which do not have an agreed ASL sign. There are a whole lot of subtleties involved in correctly fingerspelling words or acronyms that I won’t go into here, but if you do need to know more what better place to go than good ol’ wikipedia.

As always the download link for these ASL sign language vectors is below the image. Enjoy!

ASL sign language alphabet vectorsDownload: American Sign Language Alphabet Vectors
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


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One Response to American Sign Language Alphabet… Free Vectors

  1. Sheenagh says:

    Hi – tried to download the section on flammable – no go – how can I access this portion. Thanks for posting free images.

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