Disability Access Sign Symbols for Download

Today’s free vector download is of 12 disability access symbols that have been designed for use by both public and private entities to advertise available facilities to patrons both disabled or able  bodied.

You’ll find the meaning of these downloadable disability symbols, designed by the Graphics Artist Guild Foundation, along with a link to download the full set of vector files beneath the following image. Enjoy!

Disability Access Sign Symbol VectorsDownload: Disability Access Sign Symbols
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


Disability Access Sign Symbol Meanings:

1. Universal Information Symbol
2. International Symbol of Accessibility
3. Symbol indicating Audio Description for Theatre & Live Performances
4. Audio Description for TV, Films & Video
5. Large Print / Accessible Print Symbol
6. Symbol indicating Access for Individuals Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision
7. Braille Symbol
8. Telephone Typewriter Symbol
9. Sign Language Interpretation Symbol
10. Assistive Listening Systems Symbol (Ear)
11. Assistive Listening System Symbol (Telephone)
12. Closed Captioning Symbol

* For more detailed information on the appropriate uses for these sign symbols, please visit the Disability Access Symbols page of the Graphic Artists Guild.

Additional Information:

Many organizations, both public and private, have been working to become more accessible to the estimated 600 million people with disabilities worldwide.

Organizations that receive US government funding have been required to provide accessible programs and services under Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. A more recent law, the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), extends accessibility provisions to the private sector in an effort to guarantee persons with disabilities employment and the right to enter the economic, social and cultural mainstreams. The ADA goes well beyond federally funded organizations to encompass private sector entities that serve the public including cultural organizations that do not receive federal support, retail businesses, movie theaters and restaurants.

These symbols are intended to help you advertise your access services to customers, audiences, staff and other targeted publics. Advertisements, newsletters, conference and program brochures, membership forms, building signage, floor plans and maps are examples of material that might display these symbols. You are encouraged to place these symbols next to the relevant information in all publications and media.

Any language accompanying the symbols should focus on the accommodation or service, not on who uses it. For example, ‘Ramped Entrance’ may accompany the wheelchair symbol. This is important because not only do individuals with wheelchairs use ramps, but so do people with baby carriages, luggage, etc. Language that fosters dignity is important too. For example, ‘Reserved Parking’ or ‘Accessible Parking’ may be used with the wheelchair symbol to indicate parking spaces designated for people with disabilities.

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2 Responses to Disability Access Sign Symbols for Download

  1. Jeannette Ocampo Welch says:

    Is there a symbol for CART services?

  2. Doug Dovey says:

    Great effort. Is there an international generic symbol that encompasses all forms of disability. Doug Dovey from Sydney Australia

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