35 Free Warning Signs & Symbols

Today’s download is vector file of 35 free safety signs or warning signs. Each of these hazard signs is a symbol on a yellow triangle that warns of a particular workplace hazard and include a flammable materials signs, a toxic warning sign,  a high voltage sign and a biohazard sign.

All the following vector hazard signs are free and you’ll find the download link below the image. Enjoy:

Hazard Signs Safety Sign Symbols

Download: 35 Vector Warning Signs & Symbols
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


Download Info:
Here’s a breakdown of what each of these warning symbols or hazard symbols represents:

1. Flammable materials sign or symbol
2. Explosion risk sign or symbol
3. Toxic sign or symbol
4. Corrosive sign or symbol
5. Overhead crane sign or symbol
6. Fork lift in operation sign or symbol
7. High voltage sign
8. General warning sign or symbol
9. Laser radiation sign or symbol
10. Biohazard sign or symbol
11. Oxidising sign or symbol
12. Hot surface sign or symbol
13. Entrapment risk sign or symbol
14. Electrocution risk sign or symbol
15. Irritant  sign or symbol
16. Slippery floor sign or symbol
17. Watch your step sign or symbol
18. Cutting risk sign or symbol
19. High temperature sign or symbol
20. Glass hazard sign or symbols
21. Suffocation sign or symbol
22. Gas bottle sign or symbol
23. Falling objects sign or symbol
24. Electricity sign or symbol
25. Cutter sign or symbol
26. Hand hazard sign or symbol
27. Battery hazard sign or symbol
28. Rotating parts sign or symbol
29. Low temperature sign or symbol
30. Magnetic field sign or symbol
31. Optical radiation sign or symbol
32. Non ionising radiation sign or symbol
33. Radiation sign or symbol
34. Environmental hazard sign or symbol
35. Crushing hazard sign or symbol

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