150 Free Social Media Vector Icons

The title pretty much says it all for this one… it’s a bunch of 150 social media logos or symbols with a few technology company logos thrown in to make up the numbers. The download link for the vector files is below:

Social media icons logos free download

Download: 150 Social Media Icon Vectors
File Type: AI (Illustrator)

This if a free download – We don’t want your money, we just want you to have the files you need with having to pay for them. But, if you’d like to show your appreciation, or maybe you’re just feeling generous, you could always do us a big favour and link to this post or book mark us!

Download Info:
This free icon download includes all the most popular social networking icons or logos. Sites and services that even newbies to the web have probably heard of. And if you’re a web designer or developer then you are sure to have needed these logos at some stage or at least have the need to download social icons at some time in the future.

I’m not 100% up to date with all of these services, logos and graphics, but some of the social icon vector files that I do know pretty well include: The AOL Mail logo, the Bebo icon, the free Box.net logo or the DailyMe icon or symbol. Then there is also available for download the Delicious icon, the Digg icon or Digg logo, a FaceBook symbol or icon, a Flickr vector icon, a Friendster icon, Google Reader logo, a Hotmail icon, a MySpace logo icon, Orkut symbol or logo, the Picassa logo, the Posterous logo, the Reddit icon, an RSS icon vector file, the Skype logo, a Sphinn icon, Spurl symbol or logo, the Tublr icon, a Twitter T icon and a Twitter Bird icon vector file, a Vimeo icon and a Yelp icon.

Phweeeew… that’s a lot of vector graphics. And I haven’t even mentioned anywhere near all of them. But since they’re all free, that’s a lot of free vector icon graphics that you might as well download, just in the case that you need them for some web design project that you ain’t even been given the brief for yet.

As I said, the majority of these icons, logos and symbols are social networking icons or social vector graphics, but I’ve got to be honest with you, I haven’t actually heard of half of them… stuff like the Backflip, Blinklist, Blogmarks or BuddyMarks logos. What the hell are they? Anyway I’m there’s plenty of people out there that need them for something. Then there’s the Current logo, the DailyMe icon, the Design Float icon, the DZone logo… which is cool… or the Expression icon or logo, Faves, Gabbr, Hugg icon, Kiddy icon or Linkatopia.

I ain’t done yet kids. I don’t suppose you have any idea about what a MindBodyGreen icon is? Or a Mister-Wong icon or logo? Hows about a NewsVine icon… I”m guessing that’s got something to do with news. Am I right? MyLinkVault, NowPublic, PhoneFavs, Pusha or the ShoutWire logo or icon… I got nothing on them either.

There’s a Viddler icon, a Wista logo and a YouLink icon and a YouMob icon or logo. There really is a lot of logos and whatnot in this free download. TechNet, the Technorati logo icon and more!

This free download of social icon vector files also include some major technology brand symbols or icons. This includes an Apple logo, an Amazon logo, an Ask.com logo, a Blogger icon, a Fark symbol, a Mail icon, a Maple logo or icon, a MyLink Vault icon, a Skype logo or symbol, a Squidoo logo icon, a Vimeo logo, a Windows Live symbol or logo, a WordPress logo, a Yahoo! logo or Yahoo icon and a YouTube logo.

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  2. Hassan Elliss says:

    very nice work =) good job

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