48 Free Dog Vector Graphics

Woof! Are you a dog lover?

Well regardless, I hope you’ll love these free dog vectors. They have a kind of retro, stencil feel to them and are nicely stylized to the point that you could say they are really dog symbols, representing various breeds.

You’ll find the download link below the image, where you’ll also find an incomplete list which notes which breed each dog head represents. PLEASE, If you know anything about dogs and are certain of one of the breeds of the 48 dogs below, let me know in the comments and I’ll amend my list and be forever grateful. Enjoy:

dog sign symbol vector download

Download: 48 Dog Vector Graphics
File Type: AI (Illustrator)

This if a free download – We don’t want your money, we just want you to have the files you need with having to pay for them. But, if you’d like to show your appreciation, or maybe you’re just feeling generous, you could always do us a big favour and link to this post or book mark us!

Download Info:
Here’s an incomplete breakdown of which which breeds these dog graphics or dog symbols depict. If you can fill in some of the blanks, let me know in the comments!:
1. Austrailian Shepherd
2. Basset hound
3. Beagle
4. Bichon Frise
5. Bloodhound
6. Boston terrier
7. Boxer
9. Bulldog (english)
10. Bull mastiff
11. Carin terrier
12. Cavalier King charles Spaniel
14. Chihuahua
15. Chinese Shar pei
16. Cocker spaniel
17. Collie
18. Dachshund
19. Doberman
21. German shepherd
23. Golden retiever
24. Great dane
25. Great pyrenese
26. Labrador
27. Maltese
29. Neopolitan mastiff
30. Min pin or (toy) manchester terrier
33. Papillon
34. Pekignese
35. Pembroke welsh corgi
36. Pomeranian
37. Poodle
38. Pug
39. Rottweiler
40. Saint bernard
41. Schnauzer
42. Shetland sheepdog
43. Shih tzu
44. Siberian husky
47. Westhighland terrier (westie)
48. Yorkshire terrier

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11 Responses to 48 Free Dog Vector Graphics

  1. Ann B says:

    Number 13 looks like a lab, Number 20 I’d say is a Springer Spaniel…. 28 looks more like a Maltese than 27 does… #31 is a Schnauzer puppy. Hope that helps! (I’ll try to get a few of my breeder friends to stop by and fill in the other blanks maybe.)

  2. mikel says:

    Help! I can’t download the AI file. #8 is a Beagle, 13 is a Lab, 45 is a weimarainer,

  3. Jeff says:

    Once I download and converted to svg file, how can I separate them in order to use the individual symbols?

  4. Julia says:

    am I allowed to use these graphics in a commercial way?
    What kind of license is it?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  5. eumel says:

    Are these images public domain?

    Is commercial use allowed?

  6. sushi says:

    Hi i like this images and I’m gonna use to my website, can i?. And do you have another dog images (not just face but also body too)?
    thank you so much, sorry bad English.. ^^

  7. Teresa says:

    These are just my guesses but Id say I’m 90% sure that
    45 is a pointer
    46 is a Weimaraner
    28 is a Lhasa apso
    31 is a Scottish terrier(Scottie) (black version of west highland terrier)
    32 bernese or pyrinese mountain dog
    20 is a cocker spaniel
    8 is a beagle or some other gundog

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