Atheist Symbols & Logo Vectors… Free Download

A while back I made a post with a number of atheist symbols and logos. There was a lot of them… some were serious, some were fun and some were… controversial.

Since that post I’ve had a few requests from people searching for atheist logos or symbols, so I thought I’d make some vector files of some of the commonly used and recognised symbols for atheism available for download.

So if you “Just Say No to God” or are just in need of a symbol that does, choose from one of these. The names for each of the symbols are set out below. I’m not spend hours to explain the origins of meanings of each of them (that’s what Google is for), but I will give you a link to click to download the set below.

atheist symbol & logo set

1. Atheist or Anti Theism Symbol
2. Atom of Atheism
3. Scarlet Letter
4. Darwin Fish
5. Invisible Pink Unicorn
6. Red and Black Ribbon
7. Atom Symbol
8. Atheist No Symbol

Download all thess Atheist symbols and logos here.

If you know of some that I’ve missed, hit me up in the comments.

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