No Smoking Signs & Symbols Download… They’re Free!

Do you hate smoking? Are you determined to stamp it out, to break the habit, to ban all butts on your premises? Or maybe you love it and can think of nothing better than sharing a delicious coffin nail with friends or work mates and are keen to create a designated smoking haven – a happy space where you can rasp, cough and blacken your lungs together.

Either way todays free sign artwork download is for you! I’ve got a selection of classic vector art no smoking and smoking area sign symbols so you can regulate or respirate to your heart’s (or lungs’) content. So here we go:

thank-you-for-not-smoking sign symbol
A ubiquitous classic. You can get it here.

smoking forbidden sign symbol
More disapproval, but classic disapproval with a slight retro feel to it. Download here.

non smoking area sign symbol 2
Might as well keep things negative. Classic black on white vector right here.

non smoking area sign symbol
And this is my personal favourite from the regulate camp, the classic reversed no smoking sign, white on BLACK – that’s black like the insides of your lungs!!! Download the black death here.

That was a lot of negativity, lets switch it up to a nicotine flavoured positive vibe with a few free Smoking Area vector signs that are guaranteed to trigger a Pavlovian response in all smokers that will have them reaching for the Malboros in their shirtfront pockets and gasping one down on the spot.

But seriously… these humble signs are in fact the symbols of the smoker’s cause, a flag for tehm to rally beneath, a call to to unite, to give their brother a light, to inhale as one … Well, at least to huddle together in an unwanted outdoor space, littered with crushed butts and reaking of the stale ash that is sending them to an early grave. Either way, it’s designated by one of these:

smoking area sign symbol
Enjoy your smokes here. Download this symbol here

smoking area sign symbol 3
Again in black… an appropriate colour don’t you think? Download here.

I apologies if there was a slightly judgemental tone to this post, I suppose that’s because I’m not a smoker and just can’t understand how people can claim that consuming any product that is proven to shorten their lifespan is enjoyable. Anyway that’s enough pontificating, my work here is done… I’m off for a drink.

bar sign symbol
This one’s here 😉

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