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Ray Ban Wayfarer Warning Sign

Maybe you’ve noticed that the wearing of Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses has reached plague proportions. If you haven’t noticed, or maybe you don’t even know what the hell Rayban Wayfarers are, then step outside and find the nearest bunch of … Continue reading

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No Smoking Signs & Symbols Download… They’re Free!

Do you hate smoking? Are you determined to stamp it out, to break the habit, to ban all butts on your premises? Or maybe you love it and can think of nothing better than sharing a delicious coffin nail with … Continue reading

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More Arrow Symbols

Maybe you already know that I like arrow symbols. Maybe you don’t. Regardless, here are a few:

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Informative Infographics

I thought that I might expand the scope of this blog to include infographics. After all they’re really are just a particularly informative sign or collection of representational symbols… and also, I just like ’em. So what’s an infographic you … Continue reading

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Useless Signs

Sometimes you’ve just got to wonder… That last one has got to be my favourite – I just love it when people are stupid… keeps me permanently entertained.

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Arrow Symbols to Download… For Free!

I’ve often talked here about some symbols being works of art in their own right. I’m sure a lot of people think that’s nuts and maybe just downright BS, but when you work with this stuff every day, you begin … Continue reading

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