Buddy Holly Wears Saftey Glasses

Just following up on my last post about saftey glasses signs & symbols, I’ve noticed something strange… very strange. One of the most popular saftey glasses / eye protection symbols is actually a Buddy Holly symbol. You heard me, this classic workplace symbol hasn’t been directly ripped off from the photo that’s featured on Buddy Holly’s Gold album. I’m betting that some lazy sign designer from the early 1960’s (quite likely a Buddy Holly fan) has settled down to their drawing board with a deadline looming and thought to themselves… “Hmmmm… thick rimmed safety glasses… I’ve got it – Buddy Holly!” They’ve gone straight to their record collection and the job was as good as done. And here’s the proof:

buddy holly wears saftey glasses

I don't care what you say, I don't care what your mamma says, in fact I don't care what anyone says... Buddy Holly wears safety glasses!

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