Safety Glasses Must Be Worn

Eye protection is a serious matter and the last thing I want to do is make light of it. But I’m worried. I’m worried that there are so many sub-standard safety glasses symbols out there in work places that millions of eyes all over the world are at risk. Many of the symbols out there seem to have been designed by people that have never actually seen a pair of safety glasses before and at best, they are giving out mixed messages:

safety glasses required symbol

This guy has a very odd shaped head. His glasses have extrodinarily thick rims and are also of an odd shape. Workers who see this strange symbol could easily be forgiven for thinking that this indicated some kind of distribution point for ridiculous glasses to suit those with ridiculously shaped heads. Not safe IMO.

Grandma glasses

Why would any workplace force their staff to wear grandma glasses? It just doesn't make sense.

saftey glasses symbol 1

OK, so this one I actually kinda like as it is actually looks like the guy is wearing eye protection and it has a certain pictographic style to it. But you've got to admit it could be easily interchanged for some kind of scuba diving training centre

saftey glasses symbol 2

This one is heartening. It's like, no matter what problems life throws your way, if you just stand firm and face them eyes wide and unflinching, wearing the world strangest looking pair of specs, you'll be fine

saftey glasses symbol 2

I really hope that no one is proud of this one


Tribal African mask area, Guy with no hair area, Perfectly round spectacles must be worn... take your pick, it don't make no sense to me

I’m going to leave it at that. But please, if you have some safety glasses symbols that actually make sense or you want to do the world a favour and design something that actually represents safety glasses, just send it my way and I’ll post it right here for all to marvel at. Good night.

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