Rally Symbols

Here’s a niche little batch of symbols. This lot has been designed specifically for rally racing. Though they may not have the charm of the NPS Pictograms that I posted the other day, they do have their own brand of funcitonal charm. And if that doesn’t win you over, maybe the fact that they’re availble as a free font download will win you over? I suppose you could say that rally symbols are really one of those things that you either need… or you don’t. But hey… you just never know when you might need to drop a little trophy, spanner or chequered flag into whatever you’re doing.

Anyway if you happen to need them, you can get ’em here.

Rally racing symbols

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2 Responses to Rally Symbols

  1. armandoxrz says:

    thanks very much, these symbols will simplify some of my tasks as a co-driver!

  2. hep! says:

    I’m learning to use illustrator, where can i find the password for the pdf file?
    (thanks for your blog!)

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