Extreme Workplace Danger Symbols

Here’s a few little interesting infographic saftey symbols. The first two use a stock-standard depiction of extreme violence and bodily mutilation to scare the viewer into a state of paranoia and fear that will probably put them on workers compensation for the remainder of their lives, but the third one is interesting. Me thinks it may be trying to convey a little too much information – maybe missing the whole point of an easy to digest and understand symbol…

blown tyre safety sign symbol

I love the way the guy or gal is getting squashed against the edge of the graphic itself. There really is no worse place to have a truck tyre explode on you than when you're inside a sign graphic!

guy getting squashed sign symbol


confusing battery acid saftey symbol

What the hell is going on here? The guy is clearly breathing some acid which has turned his eyes to evil crosses with laser beam powers while a giant dropper of sorts is doing it's thing and some strange thing is attacking his hand. That is some extreme workplace danger!

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One Response to Extreme Workplace Danger Symbols

  1. Anonimous says:

    the guy who made #3 was sure on acid himself
    another acid – Lysergic ACID!

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