Download Sign Symbols… For Free!

Everyone loves something for nothing. So if you’re looking for some sign symbols to download for use in print, laser engraving or laser cutting, etching, screen printing or vinyl cutting, or whatever, then this is your lucky day! Below are a set of sign symbols available for free download in an Open Font format. By clicking the link below, the typeface Symbol Signs will be downloaded for use on your computer and then simply using your keyboard you can add these professional sign symbols to your work. The symbols are activated by the most logical key on your keyboard: F for female, M for male, d for disabled, L for left arrow, R for right arrow, etc.

symbol sign typeface for download

Download the Symbol Signs typeface here

This typeface covers all the commonly used symbols and has some really nice attention to detail, just like the little swoosh on the female’s dress. Of course if we were being a bit more politcally correct that dainty young lady might actually be wearing pants… but that could be a little confusing.

male and female symbols

Credit to Sander Baumann from DWP for this one.

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5 Responses to Download Sign Symbols… For Free!

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  2. Dan says:

    Thanks for the great resource. These can be sized and enlarged without a problem soo cool. These symbols would look great in a light box, a great business tool.

  3. Jana says:

    Hi there u r doing really very very good thing, Keep it up Boss.

  4. Jeff h says:

    learn to spell and speak English before you reply – or read signs.

  5. K says:

    Fantastic! The male and female symbols are just what I was looking for. Thanks very much!

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