Crowd Barrier Posts… & Signs

I’m sure you’ve all seen those retractable crowd barriers that are used to keeps queues in order anywhere that tends to have a large volume of people lining up. They are used, for example, in their 1000’s at airports all over the world as well as just about any bank that you’ve ever walked into.

When ever I see these barrier posts, I can’t help but dwell on the huge missed marketing opportunity as most commonly they’re employed without any type of signage attached despite there being a range very effective sign holders available that are designed specifically for use with these products.

I’m not saying you should go overboard and create an overwhelming sea of advertisements at every airport and bank, I’m simply suggesting adding some advertising space to a percentage of the queue poles in use at any given establishment. These spaces could be used effectivley to upsell other services available or rented out to other advertisers or brands. Just something to think about…

Barrier Post Sign

Ok, here's an example of said sign holders... but I can't help but thinking this is pretty much stating the obvious! Surely that signage could be put to better use!

retractable crowd barrier sign

Finally... now that's what I'm talking about. It took me some serious Google image searching to find that example!

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One Response to Crowd Barrier Posts… & Signs

  1. indolutions says:

    These are nice looking signs. I noticed the multiple mounting options as well. Here is a very good site to find the retractable stanchions to go with these signs. They have great prices and are very fast and reliable. Check them out at

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