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Some Subtle Signs of Danger

Not much to do, but to look at these and laugh. I know, I know, tsunamis and people catching on fire are not funny. Anyway….

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A Few Creative Street Signs

Just thought I’d shoot a link to this post with a few creative and unusual street signs. If clicking the link is just too much effort for you here’s the pick of the bunch. It looks like this bad-ass moose … Continue reading

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Courtesy of Easy Vectors

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Be Afraid… More Hazard Symbols

Maybe I should change the name of this blog to Signs & Symbols… In fact maybe I will. After all I am kinda getting into hunting down more of these little pieces of unacclaimed sign and symbol art. Anyway, I’ve … Continue reading

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Crowd Barrier Posts… & Signs

I’m sure you’ve all seen those retractable crowd barriers that are used to keeps queues in order anywhere that tends to have a large volume of people lining up. They are used, for example, in their 1000’s at airports all … Continue reading

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Is there is nothing more than signs & symbols?

Here’s a collection of particular symbols. At a glance they look pretty eclectic in style and subject matter, but actually they share a common theme. Can you see what it is? So did you get it? Number 5 might be … Continue reading

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