Safety Sign Symbols

Following on my recent post on sign symbols, I’ve been having another scratch around google images and came across this little gem. I remember seeing this very image in a sign graphics book years ago. I remember it because I just find some of the symbols hilarious – especially the mangled hands! Of course there is really nothing that funny about mangled hands (particularly if you happen to have endured such mangling), but the images really are dramatic!

saftey symbols

Of course all these saftey sign symbols really do their job, in that they look extremely painful and have the effect of making you want to put your hands straight into your pocket to keeps them out of harms way. And again I marvel at the skills of the designers who put these simple, yet so very effective symbol designs together. Such great attention to detail, with every curve finely tuned to look “just right”!

Do you have some great sign symbol designs filed away? If you do, send them in and I’ll post them right here and make a resourse of sorts.

But until then, I’d just like to say well done to all the lads and ladies who put these fine symbol design together

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2 Responses to Safety Sign Symbols

  1. asoka says:

    i am finding safety symbols for pnumatic actuator.

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