Media Backdrop Banners

When you’re talking signs, everyone is looking for impact. Bigger is generally better, but of course the size of the sign or advertising display that intent to erect is dictated by price. We don’t all have bottomless pockets, but we do all want value for our advertising dollar. That’s why I thought I’d bring to your attention this relatively new product:

Media backdrop banner

It’s a media backdrop banner. These great new products offer exceptional bang for your advertising dollar. They are commonly used as exhibition banners, but are also very effective as retail advertising signs. Just by placing one of these backdrop banner signs into a shop window display you are immediately commanding attention.

Obviously they are only intended for indoors and are not really an option for use as a permanent sign or branding, but none-the-less are a great temporary signage solution.

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One Response to Media Backdrop Banners

  1. Lema says:

    I definitely agree that these types of displays can give you great exposure compared to the low cost of getting them made. I’ve made good use of photo back drops at trade shows and conventions– they’re much cheaper than other flashier options, but are still great for catching customer’s attention and creating a professional look.

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