Signs and Symbols

If you’re running a successful sign company, I’m sure you get plenty of requests for standard signs with internationally recognized symbols. Of course toilet signs and symbols are always required by shopping centres, developers and most buildings. There is an endless supply of these types of symbols for signs and some signage softwares have such symbols incorporated – which makes life a lot easier. But if you’ve ever tried to create your own sign symbols, then you’ll know how difficult it is to get them to look just “right”. Once you’ve been through this sign symbol design process, you start to see these little symbols as works of art in themselves.

This type of recognition of sign symbols as a visual language gained popularity amongst desginers and architects in the 1970s and groupings of sign symbols began to be published:

sign symbol images

Here’s a few more nice collections:

sign symbols 2

Sign Symbols 3

Sign Symbols 4

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3 Responses to Signs and Symbols

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  2. Jess says:

    I came to your blog while looking for a sign I recently saw at an airport – it was at the designated “Meeting Point” area, and showed a man and woman holding hands; in the man’s other hand is a suitcase. It’s in the same style as the “restroom” figures. I would love to find the image online and I was wondering if you’d perhaps come across it. Thanks!

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