Free Hazmat Placards

Hazardous materials placards, or hazmat placards, are essentially warning signs that are used to indicate the transportation of dangerous goods by road or rail. They take the form of diamond sign in various colour, with a hazmat symbol, a description of the hazardous material in transport and a number to indicate hazmat class code for the dangerous material in question. I have listed the criteria for the various classes and the meanings of these hazmat signs further down the page, below the image and download link.

These free hazmat placards that I have made available for download are those specified by the U.S. Department of Transportation, or USDOT, for use with in the United States of America. Please note that while these same hazardous materials signs are used by most other countries, there may be some slight differences in the class classifications.

HAZMAT Hazardous Material Placards SignsDownload: Hazmat Placards
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


Hazmat Sign Meanings

1. The DANGEROUS sign or placard is used when carrying 2 or more hazardous materials

Class 1 Hazardous Materials: Explosives Placards

2. Class 1.1 Explosive Materials: Used to denote a material that poses a mass explosion hazard such as TNT or dynamite.
3. Class 1.2 Explosive Materials: Used to denote a material that poses a severe projection or blast hazard
4. Class 1.3 Explosive Materials: Used to indicate materials that pose a minor blast hazard. This may include rocket fuel
5. Class 1.4 Explosive Material: Indicates materials that pose a major fire hazard, including consumer fireworks and ammunition
6. Class 1.5 Explosive Materials: Used to indicate blasting agents
7. Class 1.6 Explosive Materials: This placard indicates a load of extremely insensitive explosives. These are explosives with very little regard for other people feelings – you might like to think of them as narcissistic explosives. But really… these are materials that pose very little threat of accidental ignition.

Class 2 Hazardous Materials: Gases

8. Class 2.1 Gases: This placard indicates the presence of a flammable gas that must be not be exposed to any potential source of ignition. These gases include hydrogen, butane & methane etc.
9. Class 2.2 Gases: Used to denote gases which are neither flammable or poisonous. This includes gases such as neon, helium or nitrogen
10. Class 2.3 Gases: This placard denotes poisonous gases that will cause serious injury or death if inhaled by humans. eg: fluorine or chlorine
11. Alternative Placard for Class 2.2 Gas: This denotes the transportation of oxygen

Class 3 Hazardous Materials: Flammable Liquids

12. Class 3 Flammable Liquid Placard
13. Class 3 Combustible Liquid Placard
14. Class 3 Fuel Oil Placard
15. Class 3 Gasoline Placard

Class 4 Hazardous Materials: Flammable Solids

16. Class 4.3 Flammable Soldis: Dangerous When Wet. This denotes a solid material which emits a flamable gas when wet or has a violent reaction when it comes in contact with water. Examples include sodium or potassium.
17. Class 4.1 Flammable Solids: This indicates easily ignitible substances that will combust if exposed to an ignition source. Examples include magnesium or commercial fire-lighters
18, Class 4.2 Flammable Solids: This sign indicates Spontaneously Combustible Solids such as white phosphorus. Nasty stuff.

Class 5 Hazardous Materials: Oxidizing Agents & Organic Peroxides

19. Class 5.1 Oxidizing Agent: Indicates all oxidising agents other than organic peroxides
20. Class 5.2 Organic Peroxides: Indicates solid or liquid form organic peroxides such as 2-butanone peroxide

Class 6 Harzardous Materials: Toxic and Infectious Substances

21. Class 6.1 Inhalation Hazard: Materials which are specifically toxic via inhalation
22. Class 6.1 Poison: Indicates materials in transport which are hazardous to human health if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed by the skin
23. Class 6.1 Toxic Materials: This includes materials such as cyanide solutions or pesticides

Class 7 Hazardous Materials: Radioactive Substances

24. Class 7 Radioactive Materials: Indicates substances such as plutonium or uranium which release ionising radiation

Class 8 Hazardous Materials: Corrosive Substances

25. Class 8 Corrosive Materials: Indicates the presence of substances that will corrode metals or dissolve organic tissues including human skin

Class 9 Hazardous Materials: Miscellaneous

26. Class 9 Miscellaneous Hazardous materials: Includes substances or products that are not covered by any of the other categories such as asbestos, dry ice or a whole range of other nasties. The world is a dangerous place… you best stay indoors!

For more detailed information on the materials covered by each class, please visit the Environmental Chemistry website.

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Free Danger & Hazard Sign Vectors

Today’s download is for this set of red danger signs and yellow caution signs. These safety signs are customisable, so you can insert your own text to create your own warning signs to alert people to whatever hazards or dangers are lurking in your surroundings. Get safe! Download these safety sign vectors by clicking the link below this image:

Danger Caution Sign Vectors

Download: Danger & Caution Sign Vectors
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


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Free Japanese Symbol Download

Today I’ve got this nice looking set of Japanese symbols for you to download. To be honest with you I don’t actually know what they represent or whether they have any specific meanings or applications. But that’s enough of my ignorance, I’m sure you cold use these Japanese circles any Japan themed graphic design or patterns that you might be working on. So don’t just sit there listening to me… download them!

japanese vector symbols

Download: Japanese Symbol Download
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


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Free Braille Alphabet Vectors

Hi! And welcome to another free download. Today I’ve uploaded the 26 letters of the Grade 1 Braille alphabet as vectors.

Braille is a language for the deaf and hearing impaired that was developed by Louis Braille in 1825. Each Braille letter, or Braille cell, is made up of a combination of raised dots from six possible positions. It’s kind-a hard to describe in words, maybe it would be easier if you just took a look at these Braille characters:

Grade 1 Braille Alphabet Vector Download

Apparently the use of these braille symbols is on the decline worldwide due to the possibilities of new technology, but braille signs are still commonplace in public areas as a means of allowing visually impaired people to read the facility signage. That’s why I thought it might be useful for some of you out there to have these Braille cells as vector files.

Along with the English Braille alphabet there are also Braille cells for accented letters, words, abbreviations, punctuation and numbers. You can view all those here, while you can download a free vector file of the Grade 1 Braille cells pictured above here:

Download: Grade 1 Braille Alphabet Vector Download
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


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Free Recreation Sign Symbols… Download ’em!

There is probably very few people out there who have ever had the need for a sea plane symbol or a rattle snake symbol, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate this beautiful set of sign symbols or pictograms.

They are National Recreational Symbols, originally designed for use in The United States National Parks Service by the Society for Environmental Graphic Design and are part of a much larger set of recreation symbols or icons.

These particular sub-set of 28 symbols are known as “General Symbols Positive” (which is probably the vaguest description of just about anything that I’ve ever heard) and visually describe a wide range of facilities from a smoking symbol or car symbol to a snack bar or fire extinguisher symbol.

The download link for this little piece of pictographic poetry is below the image. If you’re unsure as to their meanings, there is also a description of each symbol further down the page. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Recreation Symbols - General Symbols Positive

Download: General Symbols Positive
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


More Information:

1. Smoking sign symbol
2. Automobile / car sign symbol
3. Lorry / Truck sign symbol
4. Tunnel sign symbol
5. Lookout tower / Fire tower sign symbol
6. Lighthouse sign symbol
7. Falling rocks sign symbol
8. Damn sign symbol
9. Deer viewing sign symbol
10. Bear viewing sign symbol
11. Pedestrian crossing / crosswalk sign symbol
12. Dogs / pets on leash sign symbol
13. Bus stop sign symbol
14. Viewing area sign symbol
15. Fireplace / Campfires sign symbol
16. Point of interest sign symbol
17. Fire extinguisher sign symbol
18. Rattlesnake sign symbol
19. Cans & bottles sign symbol
20. Food / Snack bar sign symbol
21. Stereo / Radio sign symbol
22. Strollers sign symbol
23. Recycling sign symbol
24. Sea plane sign symbol
25. Wood gathering sign symbol
26. Boardwalk sign symbol
27. Stay on trail sign symbol
28. Walk your bicycle sign symbol

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Free One Way Road Sign Vectors

Today’s download is 8 one way road signs or traffic signs.

Each of the roadsigns features one of those left or right one way arrows with which I’m sure you’re all familiar. Although the oneway sign that you are most familiar with will depend on where in the world you live. The black and white one way signs below are Australian or American one way signs, while the blue arrow signs are British one way signs so I hope there’s one there that fits with what you need.

But now the only direction that I’m going to point you is to the vector download link which is below this image. So head on down there, do some clicking and get yourself a brand new one way sign:

One Way Arrow Sign VectorsDownload: One Way Road Signs
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


And if you’re looking for just about any other road sign under the sun, you might want to check out the Manual of Traffic Signs website… they’ve got a lot of signs.

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Free Weather Symbol Vectors

Here we have a nice little pack of weather symbols or weather icons that you can download as vectors or PNG files. Whether… uh-hum… you’re looking for a sun symbol, or sunny symbol, a cloud symbol, a snow icon, rain symbol or one that indicates lightning, they’re here in all their glossy web 2.0 glory. Scroll down for the download link… and enjoy!

Weather Symbols Icons Clip Art
Download: Weather Symbols
File Type: AI (Illustrator) and PNG


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Land Recreation Sign Symbols or Map Symbols

Today’s free vector download is a nice set of recreation symbols or, more specifically “land based” recreation symbols. This symbols or pictograms are often used on signs and directional signage as well as printed material such as maps and guide brochures.

There are a couple of very nice little rock climbing symbols as well as other sports symbols such as baseball, archery, hang gliding, in-line skating, skateboarding and tennis symbols.

As usual the download link is below the image. Hope you find them useful!

Land Recreation Sign Symbols Map Symbols

Download: Land Recreation Sign Symbols or Map Symbols
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


Download Details:

1. Achery symbol
2. All terrain trail symbol
3. Baseball symbol
4. Rock climbing symbol
5. Driving tour symbol
6. Exercise symbol or fitness symbol
7. Hang gliding symbol
8. In-line skating symbol or rollerblading symbol
9. Playground symbol
10. Rock collecting or archaeology symbol
11. Skateboarding symbol
12. Spelunking symbol or caving symbol
13. Technical rock climb symbol
14. Tennis symbol
15. Wildlife viewing symbol or binoculars symbol

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Free Currency Sign Download – Top 20 Economies

Today’s vector download includes the currency symbols, or currency signs, of the world’s top 20 economies. Whether you’re looking for a vector file of the new Indian Rupee symbol, the Euro sign, the US dollar sign or the old British Pound symbol you’ll get what you’re after by clicking on the download link beneath the following image.

This currency symbol list has been put together using GDP data for 2010 as compiled by the International Monetary Foundation and below the download link you’ll find the GDP figures listed for all the countries represented. Please note that many of the European currencies included are actually no longer in circulation as they have been replaced by the Euro. For convenience’s sake I’ve marked these with an asterix:

currency sign symbols - top 20 economies

Download: Currency Symbols for the Worlds Top 20 Economies
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


Economy Currency Sign GDP
1 European Union Euro Symbol 16107000
2 United States Dollar Sign 14624000
3 People’s Republic of China Yuan Symbol 5745000
4 Japan Yen Symbol 5391000
5 Germany Deutsche Mark Sign 3306000
6 France Franc Symbol 2555000
7 United Kingdom Pound Symbol 2259000
8 Italy Lira Symbol 2037000
9 Brazil Real Symbol 2024000
10 Canada Dollar Symbol 1564000
11 Russia Ruble / Rouble Symbol 1477000
12 India Rupee Symbol 1430000
13 Spain Peseta Symbol 1375000
14 Australia Dollar Symbol 1220000
15 Mexico Peso Symbol 1004000
16 South Korea Won Symbol 986000
17 Netherlands Guilder Symbol 770000
18 Turkey Lira Symbol 729000
19 Indonesia Rupiah Symbol 695000
20 Switzerland Swiss Franc Symbol 522000
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American Sign Language Alphabet… Free Vectors

Today’s download are the hand signs that are used to spell out individual letters of the ASL (American Sign Language) alphabet or manual alphabet, as it is also known. Signing of these letters is used by Deaf Americans as well as deaf and speech or hearing impaired individuals in Canada and Mexico.

Each of the signs represents a single letter of the alphabet and they are used to finger spell proper names of people and places, as well as other words which do not have an agreed ASL sign. There are a whole lot of subtleties involved in correctly fingerspelling words or acronyms that I won’t go into here, but if you do need to know more what better place to go than good ol’ wikipedia.

As always the download link for these ASL sign language vectors is below the image. Enjoy!

ASL sign language alphabet vectorsDownload: American Sign Language Alphabet Vectors
File Type: AI (Illustrator)


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